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You know what they say...one person's trash is another person's treasure.

Yard sales (tag sales) are a great way to make money by selling items that are already in your house. You can also ask friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. to donate stuff (old furniture, appliances, kitchenware, clothes, coats, toys, books, etc.). Chances are they will be happy to rid themselves of a few items that are just causing clutter.

You can also coordinate a Community-Based yard sale by just renting booths. Most American Legion Posts have lines in their parking lots where cars park. These make great pre-drawn out booths to rent! Rent can be $20-35 a day to $50-60.00 for a two day event!

Can you imagine renting out 100 booths at $35.00 a day? Add your bake sale goods sold along with refrehments sold plus a donation jar and you are talking about a great fundraising event.

Advertise the yard sale event  in your local newspaper and using flyers posted in your neighborhood, as a yard sale to benefit your Veteran programs. Make sure you have signs at the sale itself reminding people about the cause. You may even want to have information about the cause available to your customers so they know more about your charity. If you are raising money in somebody's memory or honor, you may want to include a photo or photo collage of that person to add a more personal touch.

Don't be afraid to price items generously - people tend to try to bargain prices down. Hopefully, since they know the proceeds are going to charity, they will not try to bargain too much, but even inexpensive items will help profit your charity.

It is also a good idea to pre-print "thank you" receipts to give to customers after they make their purchase, thanking them for helping your cause and directing them to where they could find more information (web site, phone numbers, etc.).

You can also sell baked goods at your yard sale as another way to bring in money for your cause. Put a donation jar out for people who would like to help your cause but are not going to purchase anything. Make it a festive atmosphere with balloons and music (CDs or radio).

This is a win/win event - you get rid of your clutter and raise money for your favorite cause.

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