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Message from Detachment Commander

Mar 17, 2020

To all Detachment members,
In this time of emergency and uncertainty we must all work together to insure we all come out of this in good shape.
The SAL is a program of The American Legion. and as such we are bound by the decisions of the Department and the Posts. We need to get behind their decisions and support them.
I task each member of the Detachment to contact at least one other member and see if they are ok and if there is anything that you or the SAL can do to help them. Keep in mind that we have limited resources and funds available to help. but we may be able to put them in contact with others who can do more.
Having said that, please be aware that any help is only available to MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING. That means your dues are paid up to date. As of January 1st dues not paid are expired!!! as of Feb members not paid are suspended and have NO voice or vote in and meetings at all. in fact may not even be allowed to sit in the meeting!!!
PLEASE get down to the Squadron members and get the 1317 members that we are short. These members are NOT eligible for any assistance from the Legion family at this point.
DO NOT let these members be left out in the cold, get them renewed NOW. Time is not on our side.
We have a number of events scheduled for April May June and July. We are looking at these and how the pandemic may affect them. Please be patient as we try and work out solutions.
On an immediate note Contact ALL members of the Detachment who may have made reservations for the Spring Conference. The Conference is CANCELLED and everyone needs to cancel their room NOW. We have a number of members who do not have email, Squadron and District Commanders should know who they are. Make them aware of the cancellation and need to cancel rooms. If not done very soon, they can be charged for at least 1 night. Don't let this happen
I thank you all for the Exceptional year we have had so far, now we must tighten our belts and finish the year in great form.
Thank you one and all, prayers for all and be safe.
The Detachment Adjutant and I will be in constant contact with the Department and will advise on any changes. Please do not call Dept. Headquarters and they are very busy during this time. Please feel free to contact me or the Adjutant with any questions or concerns.

Clifford E Hall
Detachment of Georgia