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National Emergency Fund

May 22, 2019

This past week and currently this week many of the states across the Great Plains, Midwest, Southeast, the Ohio Valley and others will be affected by these devastating severe storms. According to The Weather Channel there have been 133 tornadoes have been reported and have devastated these areas, with four deaths and numerous people injured. Towns and cities in Oklahoma and other states have been evacuated due to flooding. There is expectations these volatile tornadoes and flooding will continue. You can see the story at this link:


We just want to remind you of the National Emergency Fund. As long as the location from where an application is coming from has been declared a natural or state of emergency disaster, (either state or federal declaration) the members or posts in your department can apply for funds.

Reminder, for Legion and SAL members, they must have been displaced (by damages) or evacuated from their primary residence. The fund can provide grant monies to cover their out of pocket expenses (food, clothing, shelter, medicines, etc.). Not meant to replace or repair damages to their home or outbuildings or vehicles (insurance should cover that). Receipts for these expenses are needed. Photos are needed. Insurance paperwork, to include what their deductible will be, is helpful. As much information provided is helpful when consideration is given to these members. And there Legion or SAL membership must have been active both on the date of the disaster and date of application.

For posts, proof of what programs will suffer as a result of post not being able to operate normally (attaching their previous or current Consolidated Post Report is extremely helpful). Operations or supplies to their social quarters is not provided for. Insurance paperwork is helpful. Photos are needed.

Bottom line, provide to us as much information as you can so we can do our best to make a good determination to assist our members and post to get as closely back to normal as possible after the disaster hits. Department adjutants, please provide your best recommendation before sending it to National for consideration. Having the most, best information before you send to us will not cause any delay on our consideration, and if approved, payment to the member (via the Department Headquarters).

The link below provides where you can download the form. Please share with all your contacts in those states that have been adversely affected.


When you get any applications, please send to us in the mail, fax to us at: 317-630-1413 or scan/e-mail to Internal Affairs at ia@legion.org

Please call or e-mail me if you have any questions, and stay safe out there!


Still Serving America,

Michele Steinmetz, Member Engagement Coordinator

Internal Affairs & Membership Division

Phone: 317-630-1321 Fax: 317-630-1413