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Update PDC Raymond Rollins

Mar 6, 2018

Please continue to pray for Past Detachment Commander Raymond Rollins.

He was so sleep and sluggish Saturday afternoon. He had napped in his chair for awhile. When I got supper ready, he went into the bathroom and stayed for a long time. He said he had fallen asleep sitting on the toilet. It took for ever for him to eat and then he wanted to sleep in his recliner again. His lids were so heavy, I was afraid for him to go to sleep again where he might slip into a coma. I tried to call his GI doctor, but the service gave him the wrong number to call back. I called his daughter who lives a mile away and then 911 who came and drove him to the ER. I was afraid to drive him thinking about the coma possibility or a seizure. Sometimes it is worse to know too much medical stuff.

Everything checked out Head CT, other labs, but the ammonia level was 209 the highest we have seen. He was not as confused or slurring his speech as much, but the drowsy and sleepiness were much worse and he had no filter on saying hurtful things. They started the Lactulose in the ER which actually binds with the ammonia. After 24+ hours of that (ever 6 hours) his test was 83 this morning and he seems like his old self.

We got a call, once we were home, from the Piedmont Transplant surgery office. Records had been faxed to them last week and they gave us an appointment for Friday the 9th for an evaluation. The only problem may be his multiple abdominal surgeries. But the way everything has happened today, I know God is totally in charge and it will work out how He wants it to. I know the power of prayer will continue to help.

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