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We can Make a Difference

Sep 11, 2017

Fellow Members,
A few weeks back a Commander's call to action was sent out asking for your support of the relief efforts with donations to the National Emergency Fund and the Endowment Fund's TFA, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The call to action received overwhelming response from members throughout the country, with monetary donation, supplies and thousands of hours of volunteer service aiding those in need. Now, less than a month later we are heading into yet another catastrophic hurricane, which may affect the entire state of Florida and beyond. Surely we will once again see a multitude of our comrades and comrades of our parents and grandparents in need of our assistance.
Meanwhile on the other side of our country wildfires continue to burn out of control, scorching hundreds of thousands of acres, burning homes and displacing residents. And let's not forget that there are many left in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey that are faced with the endless clean-up efforts and rebuilding. Without a doubt we will see those same long term effects and rebuilding for months after Irma has left her mark, along with the obvious immediate emergency necessities.
To ensure that we have the ability to help our comrades and Veterans with dependent children, we must shore up our available funds in the National Emergency Fund and the Endowment Fund's TFA. Please reach out to your membership, ask them to open their hearts and make a small donation. Just imagine if every member gave a mere one dollar donation, that would equate to over $360,000.00, of which 100% goes to benefit those in need. Most of us will never experience a catastrophic event where we need emergency assistance, but isn't it reassuring to know that it would be available if needed.
Thank you all for what you have done these past few weeks, and what I know you will do in the weeks to come, you are indeed an awesome "Family" to be a part of, and I'm proud to call you my brothers. God Bless All of You!

As a reminder members of the Sons of The American Legion stricken by a declared emergency may be eligible for assistance from the National Emergency Fund.

Danny Smith
National Commander
Sons of The American Legion