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National Commander Call to Action

Sep 4, 2017

Fellow Members,
I am sending out this message to all Detachments, Squadrons and individual members asking everyone to step up and answer the call of service to our comrades, and comrades of our parents and grandparents. If you have read a newspaper or watched the news on television you must be aware of the relentless rainfall and flooding occurring in the Houston area. Surely thousands, if not tens of thousands of members of our American Legion Family are now struggling with the effects of the devastation and flooding along our southern coast. As hurricane Harvey slowly moves out of the Houston area the path of historic rainfall and flooding certainly will follow, placing more of our comrades in danger.
This is an opportunity for us, as an organization, to make a difference by opening our hearts and contributing to the National Emergency Fund. Just imagine if every member made a meager donation of one dollar the impact that we could make in the lives of those now suffering. The Preamble to the Sons of The American Legion Constitution sums up the theme of the National Emergency Fund, "... devotion to mutual helpfulness." This phrase is more than just mere words on paper; it's our pledge of support to our members, Legionnaires and their family members.
Now is the time for action, please make a donation to The American Legion National Emergency Fund today! 100% of your contributions go to aid those now suffering and every dollar, no matter how small makes a difference in someone's life.
Danny Smith
National Commander

Sons of The American Legion