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Call to Action

Nov 6, 2016

With Election Day coming up on Tuesday November 8, I felt it was important to get one last message out about Election Day.

I know that this election cycle has been a long and at times contentious process and I understand when the process seems to go on for what it seems "forever" and people "can't wait for it to be over". But at the end of the day one question and only one question will matter and that is "Did you vote?"

Some refer to Election Day as a civic holiday, public holiday or even a national holiday. But I see it as much more than that. I see it as a duty to our country, a duty to the future of democracy, an honor that has been given to us by the service of our military to protect that right and the many individuals who have given so much to make sure that the right to vote is for ALL and will never be taken away.

When I sit back and listen to reports and read various articles and hear that our service men and women from around the world are taking the time to cast absentee ballots, it allows me to better understand my own personal responsibility. When our men and women serving around the world in some of the most dangerous situations that anyone could imagine take the time to vote as they know firsthand the importance of voting, it reinforces the urgency for me to vote!!

I ask that you please take the time to think on why we have elections and the importance of that civic duty when you are sitting in that comfortable chair at home. Take the time to understand that you and only you can make the decision to take your civic responsibility seriously. Because at the end of the day only that one question will remain "Did You Vote?"

David W. Lee
National Sons of The American Legion
Legislative Commission Chairman

"Civic Responsibility - Comprised of actions and attitudes associated with democratic governance and social participation, civic responsibility can include participation in government, church, volunteers and memberships of voluntary associations. The importance of civic responsibility is paramount to the success of democracy and philanthropy. By engaging in civic responsibility, citizens ensure and uphold certain democratic values written in the founding documents."