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Newsletters > November 8 -- HEADS UP -- New Get Out the Vote
November 8 -- HEADS UP -- New Get Out the Vote

Oct 21, 2016

The American Legion has long advocated that every citizen vote in every election because the right to vote and the exercise thereof is out most important civic duty. Every election at every level is important.

This year our National Commander wants to really drive that home by giving every employee of The American Legion, hopefully at both the national and department levels, the maximum chance to vote by:
(1) closing the national and state American Legion offices,
(2) encouraging people to register with their clerk's office to volunteer at the polls,
(3) to offer to give those without transportations or shut-ins rides to the polls, and
(4) localized news releases letting the media know what The American Legion all over the country is doing to help "Get Out The Vote."

Perhaps departments can encourage local posts to do likewise, especially contacting the media and offering rides to those needing transportation. "If you need a ride to your polling place in Zionsville, call American Legion Post XX at 555-444-3333"

This is nonpartisan, though most states require you to select a party before they allow you to work the polls.

The American Legion wants to help people exercise their franchise, and perhaps this will become a new way to emphasize the importance.

Our marketing people and your national staff is currently working on the plan and the elements. I hope to distribute them no later than next Monday. I would like to know if your department thinks it may join with us. This could be an excellent message to bring to your local and state media.

Afterwards, let's assess the results to determine if this might become another worthwhile American Legion tradition.