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Walk for Veterans

Aug 5, 2015

Leading Candidate, Dale Barnett would like to conduct awareness walks to bring attention to The American Legion. These walks can be scheduled during his visit or if the time does not permit during his visit, another time and place. Some departments have expressed interest. For those of you that may be undecided to host a Walk for Veterans, I wanted to touch base with you about it.

Who can participate? The American Legion Family, American Legion Youth Alumni, the local community.

What is the Walk for Veterans? The first priority in The American Legion's Strategic Plan for Sustained Membership Growth is brand awareness. The Walk for Veterans is an awareness walk to bring attention to The American Legion and the many great programs and services we provide. It is a way for us to get the word out to the local community on how The American Legion is an integral part of the community. When: During the national commander's visits. If an awareness walk is not able to fit in during the schedule your department has put together, then a convenient time that can get the "most bang for the buck."

Where: Anywhere that is visible to the public.

Why: The American Legion has been the best kept secret and the public needs to know The American Legion is an asset in their community. What better way to get the word out and have some fun than to conduct an awareness walk.