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Newsletters > Update on Past National Commander J R Stillwell
Update on Past National Commander J R Stillwell

Mar 30, 2015

Cards and Get well wish's can be sent to :
Swedish Medical Center
JR Stillwell
Cardiac Medical Intensive Care
Room 3-167
501 E. Hampton ave.
Englewood Colo.
( No Phone Calls at this time)

You can e-mail get well wish's to JR and they will be delivered to him daily.
Go to the Hospital website www.swedishhospital.com by clicking on the "CONTACT US" LInk

Please distribute to our Nation wide leadership.

Mike Moss (CO)
National Commander
Sons of The American Legion

Good Evening All:

I have spoken with Commander Moss this evening and have the following to report on Jr's condition...

Good News! He is now off the ventilator! He still has some swelling but can now see out of his left eye a bit. The second surgery on his left elbow went fine. JR is able to commuicate and is complaining about his nurses and hospital care! So it seems that he is our old JR is there!

Commander Moss and his aide were in St. Francis Kansas yesterday and they cleaned out Jr's van. Everything found of value was packed up and will be placed in Commander Moss's garage until we can coordinate a delivery. I have asked Mike Moss for an inventory of the items found in the van, so that we can receive what is needed for the Detachment and Department of Illinois and still leave JR with his personal belongings he may need during his recovery.

JR can now receive cards and letters (no phone calls yet) and I hope to receive the contact info from Commander Moss later this evening and I will pass that along.

Please share this information along with the forthcoming contact info with all members of the Illinois American Legion Family. Commander Moss will take care of notifying National SAL Liaison John Kerestan with an update.

Please keep your prayers and well wishes going as JR will be in the hospital for a while.

Please contact me with any questions you may have.


Butch Ray, National Chaplain SAL