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Newsletters > Prayers for Past National Commander J R Stillwell
Prayers for Past National Commander J R Stillwell

Mar 25, 2015

Past National Commander J R Stillwell was involved in an automobile accident earlier this evening in Denver Colorado. (Around 8 PM CST) His van was totaled.

He was airlifted to Swedish Medical Hospital in Denver Colorado after being cut out of the vehicle. It seems like the only injury is a broken elbow for now; he was alert enough to tell people to call the Post 24 Adjutant in Illinois with details.

I recently spoke with the hospital and have the following information...

He is on his way to surgery right now (11:15 CST) to repair an open fracture of his left elbow. He also has multiple rib fractures and a partially collapsed lung.

He has already received three units of blood. We do not know where or if he is bleeding internally they are still testing for that they wanted to get his fracture stabilized first.

He will be sent to the ICU after surgery.

Mike Moss and Jim Gelwicks will be checking in on him tomorrow morning I will get more details then.

Not critical news but not good news; prayers are needed.

I will update everyone tomorrow morning.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

I have spoken with Commander Moss and have the following update on Jr's condition.

The surgery on Jr's elbow went fine. They had to place pins in his elbow and he is in traction. He is still in ICU, still with multiple fractured ribs and a partially collapsed lung. They hope to reinflate the lung after he's had a bit of time to recover.

No news on internal bleeding although his vital signs look as if there is none at the moment.

He is stable but in alot of pain and under sedation. He has given the hospital permission to talk to Mike Moss and Chuck Z., so please share thus with Chuck and Post 24.

It looks as if JR will be in ICU for at least a week then a regular room for at least two weeks and then from that point forward to rehabilitation, possibly at the VA Hospital in Denver.

The accident took place on US Route 36 near Saint Francis Kansas. That is where Jr's van has been impounded and he is asking and worried about it; because as we all know that was his traveling office.

The Colorado sons are going to be sure that Jr has all the clothing and support he needs until he is released from the hospital.

The hospital social worker and Chaplain are checking into the details in regards to Jr's van so that we can make arrangements to get all of his personal belongings out of it.

The hospital has requested that no cards letters or phone calls be made to JR while he is in ICU. For information please contact myself or national commander Mike Moss.

You may now share this information on Facebook if you wish.

I will let you know when I have more information.



Butch Ray, National Chaplain