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Newsletters > Message from Det. Cmdr. Debro about Jr. SAL Camp
Message from Det. Cmdr. Debro about Jr. SAL Camp

Feb 27, 2015

UPDATE: This is our last shot at the Jr. SAL Camp scheduled for 17-19 April. Please have your young men's paperwork and fees into the Department Headquarters by Friday 6 March 2015. Also I need all background check in if they are Boys Scout, Boys Sate, what ever they need to be in Friday. Not in the mail, faxed, on their way they need to be at Hq Friday morning by 10am. I will drop by at that time to pick up all. I will email everyone after I see if we have the numbers to do the Camp.

ORIGINAL MESSAGE: First let me say thank-you to District 10, District 2,Squadron 251 and Larry D. for their donations for the Camp. As of today we have only one youth that has sign up for the Camp.

I will try to wait till next Friday before I cancel the Camp.

I must give other support organization at least 30 days notice so they came get their people ready.

We must find a way to get our youth involved in the SAL. They are the Future of our Detachment.

If you have sent in paperwork please call me ASAP or if you have young people I need to know ASAP.

I also would like to say thank-you to Jamie, Tom, Matt, and Bob B. for your support. I'll revaluate this issue next week after I talk with Mr. Knox on where we should go from here.