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Loss of an Icon

Feb 11, 2014

It saddens me to inform you that today, February 11, 2014 God called Ms. Agnes Harrell to come Home to be with Him. Ms. Agnes was a member of Unit #62-Bainbridge for many, many years. I would guess at least 65 years and probably longer. She served the Department of Georgia in many chairmanships and all offices and was elected President of the Department of Georgia in Jekyll Island in July of 1975. Since serving as Department President she continued to serve the organization in any capacity asked of her.

She loved Georgia Girls State and added so much to the program. I have such fond memories of her talking to the girls. She always closed her remarks with two poems. The Bridge Builder and The Buttercup and the Daisy. Both of these poems dealt with serious life lessons. One how to pave the way for others to follow and the other, love yourself as you are. The girls loved both of these poems and always wanted copies to share. They are both long, but she never read them, she recited them from memory with feeling. It is something you would never forget if you heard her. She passed her love of Girls State on to her daughters. Ms. Deedy Harrell is still serving as Director of Georgia Girls State and her daughters Pat and Jane work in the office. They give to Georgia Girls State just as she did.

Ms. Agnes gave her love and her heart to the American Legion Auxiliary. She was strong in her beliefs and you might not agree with her always, but you knew that whatever her beliefs, she always had the good of the American Legion Auxiliary at heart. We have lost her, but she has touched so many lives and has left a legacy that will continue for years to come. Her husband, W.D. (known nationally as "Mr. Legionnaire") passed away many years ago while attending a Spring Conference of the organization he loved. She has now gone to be with him. She contributed much to much to list here,but she will surely be missed.

Arrangements are yet to come. I will send them as soon as I hear. In the meantime cards can be sent to Deedy Harrell - 800 10th Avenue - New Smyrna Beach, GL 32169.

C. Nini Lynch