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A Message from Det. Commander Zeste Debro

Aug 13, 2013

First let me say a honor to serve as our Detachment Commander of one the best Detachment in the country .

" How Can We Help"

Is something you will hear from each Detachment Officers this year.

It's important to understand what we do will ultimately have an effect on the course of our path with the American Legion Family.

Our Theme this year is Service to America Leader.

1.Service to our Community, State and Nation by honoring the service and sacrifice of our Fathers, Grandfathers and our Veterans.

2. Americanism : By promoting the four pillars on which the American Legion was founded on in 1919.Which are Veterans Affairs& Rehabilitation. National Security, Americanism. and Children& Youth.

3.Leadership : We have come along way in educating our leadership and our blue caps members.Teaching every blue cap how he can help in aiding his Squadron and Community give new meaning for joining our ranks and staying on board.Educating our sons to support the four pillars of the American Legion is our top priority.

Our membership is a strong powerful force joined with the American Legion family.It motivates each member to make the SAL what we want it to be in our lives.

Our Membership Goals for 2013/2014 are
5 new Squadrons, Retain our members from last year 85%, and bring back the 500 plus members we lost the help of our Membership teams.

Some of your programs for this year will be:
1. Supporting the Department Boys and Girls State Program with a Commander Polar Bear Plunge Feb 2014 .

2, Supporting the Department Commander Project with the Boston Butts fundraisers Nov 2013.

3. Supporting the campaign for Dale Barnett for National Commander.

My question to all SAL Members.

"how cam we help at our Post, District and State. The Sons of The American Legion program is a key component of the Legion family in support of the American Legion and all Veterans.

" How Can We Help"

For God and Country :

The Detachment of Georgia SAL
Commander 2013-2014
*678.949.2490 (Cell)