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Action Action Report - Helton Flag Mission

Aug 11, 2013

What a Great Day for Freedom. After first arriving at our McDonough Staging area we were joined by Chief Dorsey of the McDonough Police Department that informed me that they would block traffic for us as we left there and at the Subdivision and supply Officers to insure the HOA did not give us any trouble. The HOA had given EVERY Resident a Notice that morning that there was a Bike Rally scheduled for there today and to stay inside and lock their doors. I was later informed by a Resident of the Community that McDonough PD had first visited the HOA who thought the Police presence was there to tell us to leave. When they were informed differently they were indignant and disappeared into their homes, not to be seen for the rest of our visit. When we left this Staging area there were exactly 60 Motorcycles but as we approached our destination in the Village of Spring Creek subdivision we were joined by 15 or 20 more. As we made our way through the narrow streets Residents came out to watch us. As we pulled up to our destination the look on 91 year old Army Air Corps/Air Force Veteran was priceless. We dismounted and started forming a Flagline while another line formed in front of Marvin. EVERY Rider/Passenger stood in this line and either shook Mr. Helton's hand or hugged him and told him of their support. I was surprised when asked to accept a "Veterans Memorial Bridge" sign on behalf of the American Legion Riders from the Clayton County Commissioners as a permanent way to thank us for our support of this issue. There are so many wonderful persons to thank for making this such a special day. Among them Fox News Atlanta and Born to Ride Magazine for their fair and impartial coverage, Riders that ride every day for other Patriotic Riders Organizations, American Legion Riders from Posts Warner Robins 594, Douglasville 145, Conyers 77, Duluth 251, Covington 32, Buford Post 127 and very special thanks to the Officers and Chief of the McDonough GA. Police Department for their support. There is now and Emergency meeting of the HOA scheduled for this Monday at the McDonough American Legion Post to change the covenant on this issue. I can't tell you how good we all feel to make a difference. Remember, It's always good to Ride Proud.

Ride Proud,
Ranger Bill Burgess
Road Caption
American Legion Riders Post 127