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Consolidated Report Form Reporting Tips

Dec 11, 2012

Use these tips when completing the Consolidated Report Form
Remember, you will receive one and only one Form
Please use it and don’t lose it.

1. You can claim any boys that you sponsor for Boys State, the cost of that sponsorship, or any donations that help send a boy to Boys State. You can claim any girls that you sponsor for Girls State,the cost of that sponsorship, or any donations that help to send a girl to Girls State. (Volunteer hours should be claimed under Community Service.)
2. You may claim the number of baseball teams that you sponsor and the amount of money spent on those sponsorships. (Any volunteer hours should be claimed under the remarks or other sponsorship
3. You may claim the number of Scouting units (Boys or Girls) that you sponsor and the amount of that sponsorship. (Volunteer hours should be claimed under Community Service.)
4. You may claim any Squadron sponsored Oratorical Contest, the cost of the contest and any hours spent putting on the contest.
5. You may claim the number of Flag Etiquette and Flag Education Programs and their costs. You may claim the number of Flag Retirement Ceremonies that your Squadron performs.
6. If your Squadron participated in any of the categories listed under Squadron Participation, place a check mark by that category.
7. If any Squadron members took any of the 5 Star/10 Ideals tests, you may claim the number of participants and the costs of those tests and awards under the Education category.
8. You may claim all 3’X5’ flags that you presented to any schools,
organizations or individuals in your communities or through the Flag
Replacement Program as long as each flag is accompanied with
a form properly filled out. You will only get credit for each form that is properly filled out. You may claim the cost of those flags, also. (1 flag, 1 form for each flag)
9. You may claim credit for each smaller flag that you placed on a
veteran’s grave or presented at parades or other events, and the cost of those flags.
10. Your squadron can claim the amount of money that they donate
to scholarship funds, individual scholarships or Legion and/or Legion
Auxiliary sponsored scholarships (if your squadron doesn’t haveits own scholarship)
11. Your squadron can claim the number of hours that its members
spend on fundraisers for scholarships, all hours that members volunteer at schools in the community or any and all educational
programs that they put on at schools in the community, such as Veteran’s Day Programs.
students, mentoring, etc.

12. The following items should be
classified under Community Service:

a) Volunteer hours spend as a Coach for any sports teams in your community
(baseball, basketball,
football, soccer, lacrosse, wrestling, softball, etc.
as long as you don’t receive payment for your

b) Volunteer hours spent as a scouting leader.

c) Volunteer hours spent as a firefighter, paramedic, rescue personnel,
volunteer policeman, etc. as
long as you do not receive compensation for your

d) Volunteer hours performed for your Post and/or Unit such as repair to/or
for the Post and/or Unit,
volunteer hours helping with fundraisers for the
Post and/or Unit, assistance with Legion/Auxiliary
Programs and hours spent
on Color Guard Appearances.

e) Volunteer hours spent raising money for Medical Research such as MD, MS,
Epilepsy, AHA,
ACS, UCP, Casey Cares, Cancer Research, Special Olympics, etc.

f) Volunteer hours spent as a hospital volunteer, nursing facility volunteer
or any health care facility
volunteer other than VA facilities, which would
be counted under VA &R.

g) All costs/donations to any of the above mentioned programs such as sports
teams not mentioned
before, donations to fire departments, rescue squads,
police departments, police athletic organizations,
donations to your Posts
and Auxiliaries, donations to any veterans organizations, donations to
medical research programs, or hospice And hospital programs, donations
made to schools in your
community or Head Start programs, donations to any
community food cellars, community shelters or
charitable organizations.

13. Your squadron may claim the total number of hours that were spent on
Junior Shooting Sports and
Gun Safety Courses that were taught by squadron
members. Your squadron may claim the cost of
these courses and/or
sponsorships or any donations that were used to help fund these courses.
Your squadron may claim all Color Guard appearances that any of your members
participated in,
and any costs of sponsoring a Color Guard or any donations
to help sponsor a Color Guard at your


You may claim any donations and hours, in this section that you haven’t
claimed before, in the
sections listed above. If you have any doubts as to
what you may claim, ask yourself this question.
“Does the program that you
spent time and/or money on pertain to the good of the Community, State,
Nation?” You may, also list any donation to the National Emergency Fund (NEF)
Program, Toys for
Tots or similar programs in your communities.

You may not claim money or time spent on attending meetings or conventions or
supplies to run
your squadron, money spent on hosting meetings, gifts for
distinguished guests or money spent
on sending members to or attending
classes, as these expenses are considered normal
Remember to make sure you sign all forms, title
appropriately if required and date the forms. Failure
to do this will result
in your Squadrons hard work being eliminated from judging on the